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Professional Services

It is not surprising that professionals often struggle with sales and marketing – they are often uncomfortable even with the term ‘sales’.

The experienced partners in such businesses are usually good networkers and have proven ability to bring in new business relationships.

In recent times, however, with increasing competition both from within and outside the sectors, and with changes in technology, many professional practices have become more aware of the need to develop their business in a more structured way and to become more professional at sales and marketing. This comes down to helping you to improve the quantity, direction and quality of your business development activity across the firm which enables you to spend more time earning more income for yourself and the practice

Many practices have realised the need for this and invested in expensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems – these are, of course, only as good as the information that goes into them. It is also true that an expensive IT system or process will not necessarily change front-line behaviours.

Real World has recognised this and understands the difficulties faced when trying to change embedded structures or habits. In our work within the sector over the last five years, we have found that it is possible for these businesses to develop the necessary skills, as long as they are communicated in a way that tracks in to the way a professional thinks. When we work with solicitors and accountants, we take "best-in-class" sales and sales management structures and then adapt and teach them as a ‘profession’. In this way, we are able to change behaviours without compromising the individual’s beliefs, values or past perceptions.

Our philosophy is to encourage people at all levels of an organisation firstly to understand and then to become more consciously aware of what works for them - everyone already has their own technique, personality and style when persuading and influencing other people both at work and in their everyday life, but they are often unconscious of those skills. A process of self-development is followed to allow partners and managers to improve these skills in whatever role they perform, creating a stepped behavioural change. Since both partners and employees have considerable input into the new techniques they wish to adopt, their core values are not compromised and they come away with a greater confidence to develop themselves further, so that improvements are more sustained.

Where we can help

  • Practice Business Strategy – target markets, routes to market, services/product mix, client mix (selection criteria), business revenue targets, activity planning
  • Change Management & Leadership – communicating policy and strategy, values and beliefs, gaining ownership across the organisation, facilitation of action planning and problem solving
  • Business Development Management & Planning – frameworks for planning the quantity, direction and quality of business development activity to generate targeted results, CRM systems, motivation and confidence
  • Business Development Skills Training – consultative, trusted advisor based approaches, key client relationship management, advanced influence and persuasion, one-to-one coaching
  • Value Proposition – what it is you really do for the client - what you’ve got, why someone should be interested in it, what makes it different, how you flex it according to whoever you may be up against – construction of a suite of front-line business development tools
  • Lead Generation & Networking – training and tools for effective generation of new client opportunities – client referrals, introducer networks, direct approaches, telephone appointment making

Selected Clients

Boyes Turner
K & H Accountants
Academy of Chief Executives