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Executive Coaching

Coaching is taken for granted in the world of sport, where individuals and teams have a coach to provide motivation, enhance skills and refine performance. Just about everyone in the Executive Coaching field reaches for the sports analogy first because it's so obvious. In order to achieve any form of development a sportsperson must have a coach.

No one questions it, nor assumes - whatever the sport - that anyone would go it alone.

But it is not just sport where people have on-going professional support as a matter of course. For example ;-

- dancers take classes every day with a ballet master
- classical musicians and opera singers have lessons every week when possible . . .

To create focused execution, reduce inconsistency and bring their goals to life - often.

The question we ask is:

"Why wouldn't you?"
"Why wouldn't you, as a business professional, have some form of coaching as a way of constantly refining your performance?"

Ultimately, coaching aims to bring out the best in an individual, to enable the team to work better as a whole. The same can be said of business and its leaders.

When did you last ask yourself these questions?

- "What are my most important needs just now?"
- "What are my most important goals - have I got quality goals? Are my goals congruent with my true values and beliefs?"
- "What really stops me from achieving my goals? What obstacles or challenges are getting in the way?"

Coaching helps you answer these questions.

Executive Coaching is tailored, cost effective and rapid - acting at the point of maximum leverage, where it can generate change and cascade behaviours through the organization. It enables you to develop more rapidly and produce more satisfying results. Indeed, in busy leadership roles there is sometimes the danger of being unable to see the wood for the trees, or getting stuck in narrow thinking.

Executive Coaching is one way to broaden your thinking giving the ability to see both the woods and the trees.

Raising both self and organizational awareness through tailored coaching sessions really does have a transformational effect on both client and organization.