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How We Help You - Our Approach

Real World Associates is a specialist consultancy helping clients in a range of sectors to improve their business development and sales performance.

Since 2003, we have worked extensively with clients across a wide range of business sectors including finance, professional services, telecommunications, IT, security, healthcare, engineering, and innovations and technology transfer. We support PLCs, small and medium size enterprises and government owned entities in improving their business performance.
Our approach usually involves:

  • Understanding what you are trying to achieve, what the perceived ‘gaps’ are (and how you know), what has been done so far and what is stopping the change you want
  • Identifying the real barriers in the organisation, whether these be lack of knowledge, skills or talent…or deeper issues such as lack of confidence and belief or conflicting values
  • Working with you and your people to address the gaps – in practice our input may include facilitation workshops to help you and your team to work through key business issues and gain whole-team buy-in to agreed actions; training workshops to input management, communication or sales skills; hands-on work with key account teams to win targeted business; and one-to-one individual coaching and mentoring

Real World Experience
In addition to our consultancy experience across a wide range of business-to-business sectors, each member of the Real World team continues to run several successful separate businesses of their own, as owners and directors (Meet the Team). This “real world” business acumen enhances the content and relevance of our contribution and focuses our inputs on improving business results. As proven sales and sales management performers, our consultants are able to “lead from the front”, often going out selling jointly with client sales people, for example. Just as importantly, like all top sales performers, they are in the habit of doing whatever it takes to get the necessary result for the client – highly skilled at persuasion, influence and coaching, Real World consultants have a proven track record in bringing about behavioural changes where other, purely skills-based, training has failed.

Peak performance in business development… does not just involve higher level skills – it also requires the right state of mind, underpinned by the right beliefs and the right set of values. We believe that every human being already has all of the internal resources they need to accomplish most of what they want in life – sometimes they have difficulty in accessing those resources when they need them . We encourage your people to understand and then become more consciously aware of what works for them. Our team includes several licensed Master Practitioners and Trainers in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and in all of our work we apply the latest psychological techniques to embed learning at both the conscious and unconscious levels. A process of self-development is followed to allow managers and front line salespeople to improve their abilities in whatever role they perform, creating a stepped behavioural change. Since both managers and salespeople have considerable input into the new approaches they wish to adopt, their core values are not compromised and they come away with a greater confidence to develop themselves further, so that improvements are more sustained.