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Personal Development & NLP

Leadership, sales management and sales can sometimes be lonely roles and things don’t always go as well or as quickly as we would like.

To succeed, it is important that we are able to access and maintain the right level of internal motivation and confidence at all times, not just when we get a good result.

Peak performance from your people does not just involve higher level skills – it also requires the right state of mind, underpinned by belief (in their own ability, in your organisation’s ability and in the value of your products and services) and a clearly defined set of goals and objectives which motivate and excite them.

At Real World, we believe that every human being already has all of the internal resources they need to accomplish most of what they want in life – but sometimes they have difficulty in accessing those resources when they need them.

In our work with clients we help leaders, managers and front line staff to explore a range of personal mental strategies and the latest psychological techniques. This ensures that they are in control of - and able to make choices about - their responses to external events, which means they become more effective in their business role. These include areas such as:

  • Internal States – how they affect us, how we can control them, how to generate positive states; confidence, wanton motivation etc.
  • Beliefs – the building blocks of perception; identifying and dealing with limiting beliefs, stepping into the powerful beliefs of high performers
  • Goal Setting – mental techniques for effective goal setting including; the use of visualisation, understanding values, the importance of sensory-based markers and time-line

All Real World consultants are licensed and experienced Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioners (Society of NLP) and we make regular use of the latest NLP techniques and language patterns to harness the unconscious as well as the conscious mind and to teach those with whom we work to programme their own minds with the behaviours they want.